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Efrain Juan Vazquez

SUDA in many ways has given me my life back. I found the school during a rough time in my life and if i didn't get back into martial arts I don't know where I'd be. It's given me confidence, a place where I can really be myself, a second family, and a sense of purpose. It's not just a place that I go to learn how to fight. I've learned how to be a better person, I've learned the importance of respect, honor, and most of all I've discovered what I want to do for the rest of my life. 

James Brady

SUDA has given me the chance to live my dreams. It first started by changing my life into something more meaningful then just sitting around and playing video games. Then it grew into a heart felt passion that has burned inside of me ever since. SUDA has given me the opportunity of a life time with being able to be on the student side and competing all over the world as well as being a coach and fitness instructor to pass my knowledge on that I have learned here at SUDA. 

Joel Orozco


Sorry Tashi. I know I tell everyone I hate you and Renshi but truth is I love you guys and my whole SUDA family. I'm not a religious person by any means but I thank whatever power lead me to SUDA. Don't know what I'd do without you guys. Thank you and everyone at SUDA for making me feel so welcome. SUDA!!


Darryl Gates


I Just want to thank the Hill Brothers. You all have made an amazing impact on my life. This is why: Every time I leave my parents house, my mother looks at me in amazement and says "it's good to see you getting the weight off!" Alot of times win I get compliments like that they totally blow me away. The reason is, because I'm not even looking for that attention. It just happens that way. I told my mom I can't wait to get the rest off and she says "you will". It's because of your support that I got to where I am at now. I feel like I picked up where I left off when I was training with you all when I was a teen! I'm looking forward to my future at Suda my result in the next few months! Thanks again! I seen many Gyms but yours can't be messed with. You treat people like they were raised with you and that's what set you all apart from these gyms in Joliet!!!

Courtney Ellis


I want to thank Ron and James Hill and all of the SUDA staff for providing an environment where everyone feels welcome and comfortable. It is not easy to own or run a business, especially in these economic times, yet they persevere and fight for their dream. I pay attention to more than burpees and sprawls, and see their discipline and dedication. We don't always see their disappointments and struggles, but they are there. They could be all over the world practicing there craft, but they believe in the community and the people who walk through their doors. Support them, pray for them and tell somebody about Suda.  


Jennifer Pitcher


These men and SUDA as a whole have changed my life. I have made so many friends and I enjoy being there and being a part of the SUDA family. I'm truly blessed to have Tashi, Renshi and all of you's in my life...OSU!


Amy Wilke

What you find at SUDA, you'll be hard-pressed to find anywhere else. It's not just the high quality instructors and students that make SUDA unique but the feeling of family and camaraderie on top of everything else. I had the opportunity to work with the Hill brothers while I was living in Milwaukee and Rockford and used to drive two hours to train at SUDA any chance I could. When I moved to southwest Chicago I was excited to be able to continue training there full time. Before SUDA, I had never really realized my true potential as an athlete. I'm fitter, stronger and learning more than I ever did before. On top of all that, I acquired a family and support system that's like no other.

Adam Lynn


SUDA quite possibly saved my life. It gave me direction, a reason to give up bad habit. It gave me a feeling of accomplishment after winning well everything. More important than anything it gave me family, REAL family. It's been over 7 since I walked in that door & I've never once wanted to leave. I am a SUDA soldier.

Oh yea, and it gave me skills!


Trae S.

Great place , for people of all ages, and in any shape, if you want to get in shape or learn self defense or even competition , or just meet great people,  a gym where you walk in and they know you by name,  , , 

Wish we had a place like this in KY

Issac Demian Lenero


So far SUDA gave me skills, took me out of bad habits also and peace in mind.

Eyad Eid

Best gym around. At SUDA you learn real martial arts in a fun and effective way. It's the best decision I've ever made especially because the coaches are so great.

Rita Tinnell

A place to learn grow and develop into a great person. For the whole family to share in a healthy environment. The Hill Brothers are awesome people and i love this place...

Ikirak S.

The Hill Brothers have helped me continue the development of my martial abilities, which has opened my mind to the world of meditation and peace that I left years ago when I started college.
Not to mention, it is an insane (and insanely good) workout that always leaves me feeling not only physically worked, but mentally honed.
Would I recommend Suda to someone? Most definitely. Whether you want to lose weight, gain skill/confidence, simply have a place to train, or some combination of those three; SUDA is for you.
I almost forgot to mention the atmosphere! Everyone there is superb! Literally everyone I have met there has been awesome and they are always willing to help.
Don't miss out on this stellar experience!

Michael Schuler

The Hill brothers have a passion for Martial arts that I hadn't previously experienced at other schools. They're warm, friendly and run a school anyone would feel comfortable letting their children attend classes at! There would be no way for me to express in words how amazing this school is!

Pricing wise they're extremely reasonable for the times, equipment and resources that they make available to you.

If you're looking for a fantastic martial arts school to grow with. This is definitely the place to go.

Master Guerrero

Master James and ROn Hill are amazing. I have coached the US Team along side these two gentleman and I have to say they are some of the most amazing coaches and instructors I have ever met. These 2 guys really care about thier students and go out of thier way to help thier students the most they can. When asked to coach the US team and I found out I would be coaching along side the Hill brothers I was so excited because I have heard of them for many years. Anyone in the Joliet area should make the trip to SUDA training center for all thier martial arts and fitness needs.

Amy Rys

From basic fitness to advanced martial arts the Hill Brothers offer something for everyone!

Chris Gue


SUDA has helped me in many ways like breaking a 20 year smoking habit, staying in the best shape of my life, giving me the confidence I need, and more great friends than I ever had. It gave my daughter confidence I've never seen in her before, keeps her off the street and being involved with the wrong crowd, showed her a sense of accomplishment she cant deny by all the medals she has earned, and gives me time with her I wouldn't of had otherwise. I thank you guys for that, therefore I am a SUDA SOLDIER.