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HBFIT Lite is our low impact workout for adults of all ages. This class incorporates fitness, kickboxing, dance and more in a low impact session to get you fit and toned. If you are looking for an alternative to our awesome HBFIT program or a pre-developmental program to help you prepare for HBFIT, this is for you. 

SUDA International Training Center - Joliet

Monday and Wednesday

5:15 - 6:00 PM (MAT 3)

Instructor: Coach Irene Hill

The HBFIT program is designed for ordinary people who want to accomplish extraordinary feats. Take your workout to the ultimate level by training the HBFIT program. HBFIT combines cutting edge fitness and training routines. Your body will change for the better, and you will feel the difference.


HBFIT is comprised of hardcore conditioning drills used in training high caliber athletes. This class is for the person who wants to excel in sports or take their fitness up a notch.

SUDA International Training Center - Joliet

Monday and Wednesday

6:00 - 7:00 PM (MAT 2)


Coach Kevin "Swift" Smith